How WE Do It!


Skill Development

Players are challenged each week to learn and improve. This development strengthens their confidence and in turn helps them have more fun. The skills curriculum has been researched over 20 years and is strategic and intentional in ensuring that players have all the skills they need to play proficiently at higher competitive levels.


Good sportsmanship is critical for success in sports and life. Each practice, players learn and acquire skills to make wise decisions, separate their identity and purpose from the scoreboard, become leaders and ambassadors, and stand firm in doing the right thing even when surrounded by those doing the opposite.

Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy is just as important as language and math literacy. It is the ability to move the body competently and confidently. Children who are physically literate are confident, tend to continue their education, maintain healthy relationships, make wise decisions, reach higher levels of success in their sport and maintain a life of healthy active living. Time is dedicated in every program on physical literacy because it is a key to success in sport and life.


Futsal is played in indoor gyms.  It is 5 aside and walls are not in play.

We use a low bounce ball which promotes ball control.

Futsal is FIFA's official indoor soccer game which is, essentially, a scaled

down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a small sided game

(5v5) played on a smaller field (roughly basketball court sized) with a

smaller (size 4) ball.

The small space requires players to not only play quicker but also to make faster decisions. In futsal, you only have a split second to decide what to do with the ball before you are put under high pressure, this inherently encourages more mental awareness and physical wellness.


“an average 40-minute futsal game, a player will touch the ball roughly every 29 seconds, or 80 touches.”

Now compare that to a 90-minute outdoor soccer game where it’s only around 30-40 touches; that is more than double in just half the time. [Source FIFA]

Fundamental Movement?

Fundamental movement skills are movement patterns that involve various body parts and provide the basis of physical literacy. Fundamental movement skills are the foundational movements, or precursor patterns, to the more specialised and complex skills used in play, games and specific sports.

Capa Futsal Teams

U10 Coed, U12 U14 U16 Male and Female

The Capa Futsal Club Teams, will be made up of players showing a higher level of interest at the U10 level and in addition a higher level of commitment and ability at the U12 through U16 levels.


Weekly Futsal Specific games and training 90 minutes, attending tournaments to experience competition, camps at ALL PRO HQ in Maine, and Over Sea’s tours for U16 group.


Futsal Tours and Camps will be one of the highlights of the calendar for our groups.

U10 & U12 teams will take part in an ALL PRO Development Camp in Sydney and events within the Atlantic Canada region.

U14 teams will travel to play at the ALL PRO facility in Waterville ME

U16 teams will travel on a tour or to an ALL PRO Soccer or Futsal tournament in North America.

U18 teams will travel to Europe or South America for an ALL PRO Soccer tour. U16 teams will also be enrolled in the Educate program that will help prepare them for the possibility of acquiring scholarships at Universities in Canada and USA.

Our Address:


161 West River Rd.
Waterville, ME 04901


(207) 877-6666

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